Swiss Hockey is committed to a healthy, respectful, fair and successful sport. It exemplifies these values by treating others with respect and by acting and communicating transparently. Swiss Hockey recognizes the current “Ethics Charter” of Swiss sport and disseminates its principles to its members.

Doping contradicts the fundamental principles of sport and medical ethics and represents a health risk. For these reasons, it is prohibited. Swiss Hockey and its members are subject to the Doping Statute of Swiss Olympic (hereinafter: Doping Statute) and the further clarifying documents. Any violation of Articles 2.1 et seq. of the Doping Statute is deemed to be doping.

Swiss Hockey is subject to the Code of Ethics of Swiss Sport. The Code of Ethics is binding for Swiss Hockey itself, its employees, committee members, members, sub-organizations (e.g. sub-, regional or cantonal associations, sections), clubs and their respective bodies, members, employees, athletes, coaches, support staff, doctors and officials. Swiss Hockey ensures that its direct and indirect members (e.g. sub-, regional or cantonal associations, sections, clubs) also adopt the Statutes and enforce them against their members, employees and agents.

Alleged violations of the applicable anti-doping rules and of the Code of Ethics will be investigated by Swiss Sport Integrity. The Disciplinary Chamber of Swiss Sport (hereinafter: Disciplinary Chamber) is responsible for assessing and sanctioning violations of the applicable anti-doping rules and the Code of Ethics. The Disciplinary Chamber shall apply its procedural rules and impose the sanctions laid down in the Doping Statute or in the regulations of the relevant International Federation or in the Code of Ethics. Decisions of the Disciplinary Chamber may be appealed to the Tribunal Arbitral du Sport (TAS) in Lausanne within 21 days of receipt of the reasoned decision, to the exclusion of the state courts.

Ethics Officer

Alexander Khosrowi
Managing Director

Further information

Swiss Olympic Ethics Statute

The Ethics Charter of Swiss Olympic and the Federal Office of Sport (FOSPO) sets out the fundamental values for healthy, respectful, fair and sustainably successful sport.

Approval of the Ethics Statute

The licensee shall act in accordance with the principles of the Ethics Charter and shall comply with the rules of the “Code of Ethics of Swiss Sport” at all times.