1. Initial situation

The championship will start again in September. A COVID 19 protection concept has been developed and distributed to all clubs and national teams. This must be strictly respected. Nevertheless, it cannot be ruled out that players are COVID 19 positive and/or are in officially declared quarantine.

2. Legal situation and regulations

In principle, the authorities decide who has to be in quarantine and for how long. Swiss Hockey has no influence on this. Neither the statutes nor the rules of the game regulate the situation in a meaningful way, which is what happens in a COVID 19 case in relation to the championship. On the basis of this, the Executive Committee issues these Guiding Principles. The ultimate goal is to be able to conduct the championship in compliance with the official quarantine decisions.

3. Guiding Principles

If at least 5 players of a team have tested positive for COVID 19 or are in officially declared quarantine at the time of the match, the team may apply to the office for a postponement of the match.

Priority 1: A new match date will be sought for the affected match. Matches within a radius of 120 km can also be scheduled during the week, e.g. during training. The usual fee for postponements will be waived for these match postponements.

Priority 2: If a postponement should not be possible, the team(s) will be asked to play the match with those players who are not in quarantine. If the team has too few players, it must use players from lower teams or from the U18 juniors. The same applies to juniors. If a player with a foreign passport does not yet have the NOC (Non objection certificate), he shall apply for it immediately at his home association and send it to the office. Players who have not yet submitted an anti-doping declaration must sign the form before the match and then send it to the office.

Priority 3: Should this not be possible, the team for which this situation arises will lose 3:0 forfait. No penalty fee will be charged.
If both teams are affected (at least 5 players of both teams have COVID 19 or are in official quarantine at the time of the game) and priorities 1 and 2 cannot be realised, the game is considered a draw.
If a player who has tested positive for COVID 19 or is in officially ordered quarantine intentionally enters a match, disciplinary proceedings will be initiated against the player.

4. Application of COVID

The board of directors instructs the managing director to manage the championship according to these Guiding Principles. The managing director continuously informs the board of directors about his decisions. The board has the right to give instructions to the managing director in this regard.

5. Information

All clubs will be informed about these Guiding Principles.

Horw, 30.8.20

The Board of Directors

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