We promote the development of children and adolescents in hockey.

Together with the author and illustrator Sabine Hahn, we want to let girls and boys experience hockey in a playful way. This helps our coaches to teach the children the joy of hockey.


Swiss Hockey Kids

Encouraging children in their development is one of the best tasks for trainers. Children have an incredible urge to move, are open to new things and play for the sheer joy of it. In addition, they are extremely capable of learning, so that success can be seen within a very short time. I am delighted to be able to contribute a little bit to this with the Swiss Hockey Kids.
Sabine Hahn

Sabine Hahn

Author and illustrator

Since 2017, we have been working with Sabine in a very nice cooperation on the design of our children’s area. Sabine has given the Swiss Hockey-Kids a face with her illustrations.

The Hockey Kids
Author Sabine Hahn
Sabine Hahn Books
Sabine Hahn Books

Join us in the team

With the Swiss Hockey-Kids Lena, Max and Lars you can become a team and experience exciting stories. Just like 600 children during the indoor hockey European Championships in Lucerne.

Discover exciting books

The accompanying children’s book by Sabine Hahn from the cooperation of MON COQ edition and Swiss Hockey. On 36 coloured pages, small hockey players and those who still want to become one discover the history of the Swiss Hockey-Kids and learn a lot about hockey.

MON COQ edition
ISBN 978-3-9817970-9-1

Clubs can use the book “Swiss Hockey Kids” in german and French for the price of 7.50 Sfr. per copy under info@swisshockey.org.

All other books in the Hockey-Kids children’s book series and their numerous international versions can be found on www.sabinehahn.net. Volumes 1 and 2 can be obtained in German and English via the Swiss Hockey equipment supplier Fastplay under www.fastplay.ch.

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24 great exercises for hockey kids

When the ceiling falls so slowly on your head, we have some great day’s tasks for you to train your hockey skills.

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