Lust auf Hockey5’s?

Swiss Hockey hat bei seiner 119. Generalversammlung entschieden, dass neue Hockey5’s zu fördern und zu entwickeln. Die neue temporeiche Sportart auf einem kleineren Feld kreiert viele Torschüsse, Torszenen, wechselnde Spannung und schafft so Aufmerksamkeit zur Gewinnung neuer Hockeyspielerinnen und -spieler. Kleinere Hockey-Nationen können sich aufgrund der einfacheren Strukturen, schneller entwickeln und die (Welt-)Spitze erreichen.

Nicht zuletzt angespornt durch unsere Erfolge bei der vergangenen U16 Europameisterschaft, mit dem Erringen der Vize-Europameisterschaft bei den Mädchen und einem guten 4. Platz bei den Jungen, haben wir uns erfolgreich um die Ausrichtung der nächsten U16 Doppel-EM (Mädchen & Jungen) in 2021 in Lausanne beworben.

„Hockey played with eleven players on a full size outdoor field will continue to be the main format of the sport with Hockey5s incorporating Indoor Hockey as an alternative version of the game which supports both the global development of hockey and enhancing the skills and enjoyment of the players. Against the background of the main format of the game, the FIH is keen to present a game which is adaptable, based on a smaller number of players, with simplified rules and exciting. This is Hockey5s.“*
*"FIH Rules of Hockey5’s", "Youth Olympic Games", Buenos Aires.


20 minutes! Yes, just 20 minutes will separate the champions from the contenders. Expect high levels of intensity as the teams will have just 1,200 seconds to prove their dominance in the shortest version of hockey. The 20 minutes will be split into two halves of 10 minutes each with a half-time break of two minutes.


With just five players on the field, expect players to have more ball-time and more touches than in a 11-a side game. More ball time gives an opportunity for players to showcase their one-on-one skills and discover innovative ways to find the back of the net.

More Goals

The duration may be short but that doesn’t limit the goal scoring appetite of the players, who are always looking to get their names on the scoring sheet. In the last youth Olympics at Nanjing, an average of eight goals were scored in the preliminary round in the boys’ section. Expect more of the same in Buenos Aires!

Easier to understand

Easy to play and follow. Played in a smaller arena, Hockey5s is viewer friendly and there are no stoppages, unless a player is injured or substituted. The sole mission of the players is to play fair and score more goals than their opponents.


Hockey5s has played an instrumental role in spreading the sport to developing nations and contribute towards the FIH’s 10-year Hockey Revolution strategy to transform the sport. Like the last edition, expect lesser known hockey nations to give some of the hockey power-houses a tough game. If it was Zambia that stunned Germany 8-1 in Nanjing, expect more such surprises from Zambia, Kenya, Vanuatu and Namibia in this edition. A total of 24 teams (men and women) will be competing for the gold medals.